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          Luoyang Tangdu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., founded in March, 2017, with registered capital 30 millian yuan, is located in No.8-A, Fangcheng Guoji, Kaiyuan Avenue, New District, Luoyang. It is one of wholly-owned companies in Luoyang Kaiyuan Mining Group Co., Ltd., and its main businesses cover the development and sales of real estate, property management, and house tenancy.

          Our company’s management tenet is: it takes good faith as basis, takes lawful operation as principle, takes real-estate development as main business, and takes getting good economic benefits as target; basing on market, innovating pragmatically, operating in standard, and pursuing excellence, it continuously promote the level at company management, make opportunities to show talents for employees, offer the most value services to clients, and form distinctive brand and services of the real estate; so that it can create wealth for the society, and make more people really enjoy the results of real-estate services.

          Under the leadership of Luoyang Kaiyuan Mining Group Co., Ltd., our company will be carry forward the “united for hardworking and truth-seeking in innovation” of enterprise spirit, use all good factors to develop main business which takes the development and operation of real estate as core, widen space in operation, improve ability in competition, and work steadfastly every task in order to lay a solid foundation for the development of the Kaiyuan Group’s real estate.


          固 話:+86-379-6996 1666
          郵 箱:kyjt@kykyjt.com
          地 址:洛陽市洛龍區開元大道269號

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